Sunday, December 7, 2008

December-January issue

A new blog in Stardoll "Oh The Nuisance"!

Unfortunetly we forgot to add Cool_leo to the list!


rockergal10 said...

Wowahhs (:
I love this mag(Y) <3
The fashions;Advice.
So far; all of them are great !
Thanks alot for a good read (:
Love Rockahh. x
P.S Ellanor,Aimee,Emzaii
You 3 Are Stunnahhs <3

Lettie97 said...

A great issue!

smilerr said...

Thank God You someone FINALLY did an article on my idol, Bob Dylan, he really needs to make his way back to our generation.

But everything else is awesome too!
Cant wait for january!

And, as your covergirl, Christina would say, "s4a KEEPS GETTING BETTER!"

shy-missy said...

WOW your magazine is amazing.
All the articles are great and the graphics are awesome.
Great job!=]
Love your mag

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!!!
I wrote accordion innstead of harmonica in my andyy stanton article!!! No!!!

bridget88 said...

I loved it. One of the best stardoll magazines I've seen! =)

Dora said...

This is the best stardoll user magazine I have ever saw, it's not just about stardoll, it's got some real life issues: our problems, what to wear in real life,... not just some stardoll "must haves". I love it!!!

Tainted.love_xx said...

Wow, GORGEOUS graphics
& finally articles that are actually relatable to the majority of stardoll users =]

lemonla said...

wow absolutely amazing i complateley love it, im hooked!

Undamyumbrellla said...

Great job! Very unique. I love it. :)

Shelley said...

This magazine is absolutely AWESOME!!!! i looove your graphics and all of you're don't make anything boring. And also the sketched backgrounds are beautiful...did you draw them?

elle said...

You guys did a really great job on this! IMO, I think this is my favorite issue you'll have done too. The layout of the graphics and text compliment each other. The only thing that bothered me were the few pages at the end. The text is squeezed in so tightly that it's a bit hard to read.

Dei* said...

DAYUM! Where have this magazine come from and why haven't I heard of it sooner? =o


Anonymous said...

love you blog it rocks !x